about the artist:

I am Sierra Green, a 26-year old self-taught artist based in the PNW. It's lovely to meet you!

My Self:

Over the years, I have worn a lot of creative hats. In 2023, I decided to embrace the call to concentrate on my art full time. A breakthrough in my personal healing journey led me to honour and respect my story, and to do my part in expanding the collective consciousness of this planet. No matter how many times I’ve tried to suppress it, I am a creator. For so long, I was terrified of showing up for myself simply because I was afraid of how that would look to others. Once I took a look outside of that mindset, I was able to recognize where the fear stemmed from, and remind myself that what others expected of me is not all I am meant to be. In order to stop repeating the cycles that were keeping me stuck, I have no choice but to let myself be a vessel for something to be created. As I was created to do.

“On earth, as it is in heaven.”

My Inspo:

My artwork reflects my personal journey and is a physical manifestation of my inner world. I have dedicated these latter years of my life to creating art that communicates the depth of my emotions and experiences. I would describe my art style as expressive and free. My artwork is an extension of my soul: what brings me joy, what brings me peace, what makes me "tick", so to speak. It's imperative that I allow myself to be free while I create. What inspires me the most is my inner child, and how I can honour her after all these years. I refuse to be anything other than my true self, and art is a wonderful way for me to express that.
My current most-used medium is acrylic painting, whether that be on canvas or on clothing. My favourite thing to do is embrace an empty canvas, add some paint, and allow my truth to be told. Tattoo art, digital art, and video editing are more outlets that I enjoy letting my creativity flow out of. Art has been the perfect medium to develop, explore, and express my voice. I often draw inspiration from the beauty of everyday life, reflecting my unique perspective as a neurodivergent, black woman.
Through this journey, I have learned to trust in myself, my perspective on the world, and how that perspective chooses to come to life. Each piece carries a message of resilience, self-acceptance, and authenticity, and serves as a reminder to myself and those that resonate with me to embrace one’s uniqueness and to celebrate their perspective.

My Wish:

I wish for my artwork to inspire who it is meant to inspire, heal who it is meant to heal, and awaken the childlike freedom within everyone. I wish that those who look like me can find a home inside my brushstrokes, and can see their stories reflected in mine. As I continue to grow as a person and an artist, I'm excited to see how this journey will continue to evolve, and thank you (yes, you reading this) so much for being a part of it. 
With so much gratitude and love,